Sure Thing Stable
Bred to be a "Sure Thing" ... Racing to Prove It !



It is hard to put into words the feeling we had as Unbelievable Dream crossed the wire FIRST in a grade 3 race at Keeneland.  It was our first Graded Stakes  win as a stable!  It was a celebration that the folks at Keeneland hardly ever see.  This is becoming an absolute Dream of a lifetime.  She looked incredible in the paddock and had dapples all over her coat (which is a sign of a horses healthy state).  Then she broke out of the gate decent, but immediately went back to last.  I wasn’t too worried when I saw the first fraction of 23 1/5 seconds.  However, the longer she stayed at the back of the pack, the nerves did get jumping.  Then she came off the rail coming around the turn coming for home and went outside.  She started coming down the lane like a freight train and ran them all down.  We watched the replay a million times and we think you can hear our group cheering, screaming and celebrating on the audio. Just an incredible day overall and one that you wish you can re-live over and over. With Dream being as young as she is (3 years old), hopefully we will!

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