Sure Thing Stable
Bred to be a "Sure Thing" ... Racing to Prove It !
Sure Thing Stable
About Us

Who we are:
Sure Thing Stables, LLC is a racing partnership formed out of a group of friends that had the desire to compete at the highest level of horse racing. We started in racing in a claiming partnership in 2001 and loved the action, but we all had a desire to compete at a higher level and Sure Thing Stables was born.  Our first win came at the historic track of Saratoga when Dancy’s Angel crossed the line first on Aug 25th, 2005.  Since then we have had many exciting moments, one better than the next, but best of all it has been shared with good friends from across the country.


Founding Members:  Mike McGuire, Mike Springer, Roland Dancy, Pat Donahue and Scott Latimer


At Sure Thing Stables it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality!  We are picky and we prefer it that way.  It doesn’t guarantee a top quality horse, but it certainly helps. We are very selective each year about the purchases we make as a group.  Our stable is made up of homebreds and acquisitions discovered by Tony Everaded and Barclay Tagg. 

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